Build a Heart-to-Heart Connection with Your Little Ones

Children's books designed to help families build an emotional connection
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Celebrate the simple joy of being together, of snuggles, of living in the moment.

Approximate 1 minute read time, it’s short and sweet. Because “again” will be requested and you are tired too. You’re welcome 🙂

Catch the moment

Time with our kids is precious and limited. Savor as many moments with your children as much as you can.

Therapeutic bonding

Empower your children to navigate through life with happiness and self-esteem by showing them they are seen and enjoyed.

Be present

Reading with your child gives you a break from distractions, and gives your presence back to them.


reading with purpose

At Snuggled Up Close, our single mission it is to unite parents and children in a shared and most worthy cause – togetherness. With the rise of technology and busy, hectic schedules for parents, it can be challenging to simply sit, cuddle, and bond. Still, everyone knows how important reading is, especially to our children. 

Some books are too long, some too complicated, others a bit overwhelming, with images too bright and too loud for settle down time. Snuggled Up Close brings solutions to those issues with bold yet restful images all in black and white with white type on black backgrounds, so parents and kids can sit in a dimly lit, calm room together without struggling to read text or blurred images. So moms and dads all over can sit down after a long day – or in the middle of a crazy day – and really focus on the book and their child in front of them. 

Meet the author

Becky Brunz

Becky Brunz is a lifelong lover of children’s books, and for her, there have simply never been enough. As a stay at home mother of seven (yes, seven!), she reads 10 to 20 kids books a day to her kids, and in 365 days a year, she finds she runs out quickly. So she took her talent for illustration – and writing simple, fun, clear stories for kids – and started the Snuggled Up Close book series.

Reading time together is one of the only opportunities that parents get sometimes to connect with their children, and Becky has dedicated her career as an author and illustrator to help foster that connection, pooling all the attention and affection kids and their parents have into these sweet moments inside of a story. 

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